Over the past week, our Emojipedia article “The Resistance Will Be Emojified”, has gone viral on three continents. Yesterday, Mashable dedicated their entire Snapchat story to covering the analysis:
We were also covered in the Huffington Post, Mashable, Bustle, as well as in France and Argentina. Here’s a brief selection of some of our favorite clips!
 “We’ve long used emojis to communicate our feelings when words can’t. But what happens when they take on a deeper meaning, becoming a symbol for an entire movement?”
“These days, when emotions run high, so does emoji usage…it looks like we’ll continue to see many more ✊  in resistance-related tweets to come.”

“Emoji have found a place in pop culture and our hearts, adding the perfect touch to many of our conversations via smartphone and computer. They also, however, became instrumental in the most recent presidential election — so much so that one man decided to analyze how emoji are used to oppose Trump’s policies on Twitter specifically. And the results? Well, to put it simply, they’re fascinating.”

Télam (Argentina)

“Los emojis funcionan como un prisma que convierte una extensa y cambiante masa de discurso público en simpáticos objetos digitales que podemos compartir con otros. Aquí, las redes sociales actúan como la fuerza que le da sentido a los emojis y viceversa.”

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