PRISMOJI is a data journalism lab based in New York. We’re dedicated to meaningful data-driven storytelling about politics, culture, and technology.
Some highlights of our work:
•    The Emojis of Great Brexit (VICE, June 2016)
•    The Top Emojis of Election Day (PRISMOJI, November 2016)


Hamdan Azhar
Hamdan Azhar is a data scientist, journalist, and the founder of PRISMOJI. He previously worked in ads research at Facebook where he designed experiments to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads. Hamdan’s writings on politics, culture, and technology have appeared in VICE, the Washington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor. (Website | Twitter | LinkedIn)

Fernando Hidalgo
Data Science
Fernando is a data scientist and educator who loves solving meaningful data problems. Previously, he attended Metis Data Science Bootcamp and has a degree in Economics from Rutgers University.
(Website |  LinkedIn)

Aysha Choudhary
Research Assistant
Aysha Choudhary, a recent graduate of New York University, enjoys politically focused nonfiction writing. She currently works in Communications for Doctors Without Borders.