Our work has been featured in VICE, Mashable, ForbesThe Huffington Post, as well as in outlets ranging from France to Argentina. Here is a selection of recent news clips about PRISMOJI.

Cómo el uso de ciertos emojis devela diferencias culturales
La Nación (Argentina), June 22, 2017

Pourquoi les internautes réagissent en émojis quand il s’agit de politique?
20 Minutes (France), Feb. 8, 2017

Los emojis ganan terreno en las protestas por Twitter
Télam (Argentina), Feb. 8, 2017

How People Are Using Emoji To Oppose Trump’s Policies Reveals How Powerful These Ubiquitous Little Symbols Can Be
Bustle, Feb. 7, 2017

The Raised Fist Emoji Is Social Media’s Resistance Symbol
The Huffington Post, Feb. 7, 2017

Petit inventaire des emojis les plus utilisés dans la lutte contre Donald Trump
Mashable France, Feb. 7, 2017

The raised fist emoji is really getting a workout recently
Mashable, Feb. 6, 2017

The Resistance Will Be Emojified
Emojipedia, Feb. 6, 2017

How We Really Use The Peach
Emojipedia, Dec. 16, 2016

Fidel Castro’s Death Brings Mixed Emotions
Emojipedia, Dec. 2, 2016

A Data Scientist’s Emoji Guide to Kanye West and Taylor Swift
VICE (Motherboard), Aug. 10, 2016

Here Are the Most Popular Emojis From the #Brexit Reaction
VICE (Motherboard), June 30, 2016