How we really use the peach emoji

Apple recently came under fire for proposing a change to the 🍑 peach emoji that made it look more fruit-like and less butt-like. “What’s happening to emojis represents the worst kind of gentrification of the internet,” charged Buzzfeed. Mashable was even more dramatic, exclaiming: “Apple just ruined texting.” While Apple soon retreated, the episode demonstrated the … Continue reading How we really use the peach emoji

First ever Emojicon in San Francisco!

We'll be presenting an introduction to emoji data science at the first ever Emojicon in San Francisco! "Despite the profusion of emojis in digital life, little research has been done that leverages emojis to understand popular sentiment. We believe that emoji data science, a largely unexplored field, might be a powerful new methodology for both the computational social sciences as well as fast data journalism."